by Abide By Me



We've been told that the dead are living and our heroes have fallen away.
When our dire scenes fail to not exist.
We see the flaws in the ones we idolized and our weaknesses against the world.
Hope is the worst of all evils.
It prolongs the torment of province.
No soul would die for this yet all souls would rot for this.
You brought the worst out of our strengths.
Before the main attraction, the guilty in its hands.
The fabled plans were bred and played in favor of the damned.
The ground's been pulled from under those of tragic first all I can see, this is no place for your weakest case.
Society has brought the people to their fucking knees, this world is crumbling through my hands.
The blood on their hands is the blood of the innocent, death has become the only constant.
I see humans, but no humanity.
Hell is empty, the devils are among us.
We'll be six feet under.
We condemned them all to death.
For those who are about to die, we will never salute you.
We've swallowed our pride for far too long.
We won't back down.
It's our time to rise, time to rise.
The vomit of capitalism, will stain our fucking teeth.

You've staggered across a knife in the road.
Carve closely along what isn't your own.
Disembark to the source as yourself, or stand mask to mask.
Taint our imagined needs; it fills the air that we swallow.
It must be easy to hold all of our names in the same way, and in the same place.
Living in glass times, in the center of all our minds.
Do you really know the hand that you hold?
It isn't paved with gold.
There is no price to be sold.

We've been told that the dead are living and our heroes have fallen away.
This life we live is now filled with poison.
We see the ones we idolized and their flaws.
We see the fear in their eyes, in their fucking eyes.
No soul would die for this.
Let the corrupt fear us, unconsciousness ecstatic.
Cursed corrupt.
Curse the corrupt.


released 15 September 2013
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Derek Moffat at 608 Studios
Artwork by Daniel McBride



all rights reserved


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Abide By Me Brookfield, Wisconsin

Metal band from Brookfield, WI, USA.

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